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The Emotional Leader System

The Emotional Leader System

The Emotional Leader System: 6-Months Coaching with Dr Mike Gosling

19 Modules

Module 4 - Eight Emotional Leader Habits

There are Eight Emotional Leader Habits: recognize, express, generate, match, know, predict, manage and master emotion. This set of emotional skills is derived from the MSCEIT™. They are not taught in a classroom but learned in the drama of life as you identify, express, use, understand and manage your emotions and the emotions of others.

Module 5 - Recognise emotion in yourself and others

Habit 1 - Learn to recognise emotion in faces and the environment. What role does recognising emotion play in your overall judgement of events? 

Module 6 - Express Emotion Using Your Emotional Style

Habit 2 - There are two emotional styles – avoidant and reactive. Which one are you? How do you express emotion?

Module 7 - Match Emotion To Problem Solve

Habit 3 - Your ability to generate and communicate empathy determines how good you are at "flicking-the-switch". A communication model is presented. Develop expert skills in effective communication.

Module 8 - Generate Emotion To Support Thinking

Habit 4 - Explore your ability to mood-task match. Are you in-tune with your moods, feelings, and emotions? Do you have an anxious or angry personality? And how do you manage your emotional arousal?

Module 9 - Predict Emotion Changes To Enhance Empathy

Habit 5 - Take a close look at the change process and how emotion chains occur. Learn how to move on from anger and anxiety. Explore some positive emotions, as well as an introduction to trauma reactions. Do not to fall for Othello's error!

Module 10 - Know Emotion To Communicate Awareness

Habit 6 - Emotional knowledge is the most difficult part of studying emotions. Knowing emotional language and how emotions blend to form compound emotions and effective emotional expression is an essential skill.

Module 11 - Manage Emotion To Inspire and Guide Others

Habit 7 - This habit is all about how you conduct emotional self-management. It is not about self-control and you will learn the difference. It is particularly relevant to those of you who want to understand your inner voice and get on top of its destructive power.

Module 12 - Master Emotion To Enrich and Empower Relationships

Habit 8 - Learn the secret to effective emotional leadership – building trust in relationships and becoming unconsciously skilled in emotions. Develop an action plan to focus your goals.

Module 13 - The Emotional Quotient Inventory EQ-i 2.0® EI Skills

The EQ-i 2.0® is a way of examining your emotional intelligence (EI) skills! You will find many unique features linking EI and leadership development. These features provide you with a snapshot of how your EI compares to that of other leaders and insight into your leadership strengths and potential areas for development.

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