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The Emotional Leader System

The Emotional Leader System
6-Months Coaching with Dr Mike Gosling

20 Modules

Module 1 - Coaching for Success

In Coaching for Success we explore aspects of Stakeholder Centered Coaching® that increases the likelihood of success for all leaders.

Module 10 - ELH#6: Predict Emotion Changes To Enhance Empathy

Habit #6 - Take a close look at the change process and how emotion chains occur. Learn how to move on from anger and anxiety. Explore some positive emotions, as well as an introduction to trauma reactions. Do not to fall for Othello's error!

Module 16 - Sustaining Success - Planning The Transition & Wrap-Up

“That which is used develops; that which is not used wastes away.” ― Hippocrates (c. 460 BC -370 BC). Do not revert to old practices. Ensure change is permanent. Document your "story" of success. Reinforce your positive results. Use the 7 Step process with Stakeholders to take you forward into the future.

Modules for this product 20
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