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The Emotional Leader System

The only coach in the world to promise you measurably improved emotional intelligence and leader behaviour within 12-weeks... or he'll work with you until you do.

The Emotional Leader System (TELS) is a five step process with a very unique approach to measurably improving leadership around the world. TELS differentiates itself from most other coaching methodologies in a number of ways to create positive, changing, lasting behaviour:

  1. Choose a Leadership Goal Important to Leader and Organisation; Then Choose Stakeholders
  2. Complete Emotional Intelligence Assessments T1; Enrol Stakeholders as Key to the Process
  3. Emotional Intelligence (EI) and Stakeholder-Based Planning
  4. Leading Change through Behavioural Coaching and Monthly Stakeholder Input
  5. Measure Results using EI Assessments T2 and Change as Perceived by Stakeholders

Emotional Intelligence (EI): Increasing your EI helps you recognise and manage your own emotions and the emotions of others. Understanding how thoughts impact those emotions gives you greater control over your behaviour as you develop skills to manage yourself more effectively emotionally. Becoming more emotionally aware allows you to grow and gain a deeper understanding of who you are, enabling you to communicate better with others to build stronger relationships.

Behavioural Coaching (BC): Understand your own triggers to master change in your job, your environment, your relationships, and your life. And the best way to create lasting change is through repeated, small, reinforcing steps. Dr Mike Gosling is an Emotional Intelligence Behavioural Coach and Marshall Goldsmith Certified Executive Coach, certified to administer three emotional intelligence assessments, and twice-yearly Stakeholder Leadership Growth Progress Reviews (LGPRs). His passion is to coach Leaders to overcome natural impulses to create new emotional leader habits through recognising and adapting their trigger points of emotion and arousal.

Emotional Intelligence Behavioural Coaching (EIBC): The process to create positive, lasting behavioural change.

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The Emotional Leader System

Dr Mike Gosling created The Emotional Leader System with a very simple mission: to help successful people achieve positive, lasting change in behavior; for themselves, their people, and their teams. I want to help you make your life a little better. Thank you for joining! Life is good.

MSCEIT™ Report and Debrief

Discover your emotional intelligence abilities with a MSCEIT™ assessment and personal debrief from Dr Mike Gosling. Monitor your own and others’ feelings and emotions, and use this information to increase self-awareness, communicate more effectively, increase personal resilience, and achieve goals.


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