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The Emotional Leader System

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It’s true. I’m Mike Gosling… and I sucked at understanding emotions.

I was the “doofus” who thought that the way to resolve bad feelings was to display my negative emotions, then others will be motivated to take action and solve whatever is wrong.

But this doesn’t work forever. At some point, expressing our emotions ceases to be enough.
In my relationships, people fell away.

My damaging behaviours caused me to lose trust and respect and a promotion I deserved.
And yes, people laughed at me and started avoiding me.


And now... I can have relationships on tap using my emotional skills.

What changed everything?

I discovered a weird thing that changed everything.

And I’m convinced anyone else could do the same as me.

I learned that expressing our negative emotion and expecting other people to solve our problems for us doesn't work when we're adults.

This only works when we're a baby.

So, if you're a CEO or SENIOR MANAGER BETWEEN 35-54 Who Has Lost Trust And Respect In The Workplace... As Well As The Promotions or Income You Deserve...

… and you want to be FREE from damaging behaviours… regain the respect and trust of your coworkers… and have a positive impact on your team… WITHOUT having a to do heaps more training courses or several job changes before you GET IT…

… then my new 45-MINUTE CLASS will show you how I do it.

“The Secret System To Regain Trust & Respect In The Workplace... Get That Promotion... And Increase Your Income By Up To $30K within 1-Year.”

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The Emotional Leader System

"Dr Mike Gosling is the only coach in the world to promise you regained trust and respect in the workplace with the promotion and income you deserve… or he’ll work with you until you do.”

MSCEITā„¢ Report and Debrief

Discover your emotional intelligence abilities with a MSCEIT™ assessment and personal debrief from Dr Mike Gosling. Monitor your own and others’ feelings and emotions, and use this information to increase self-awareness, communicate more effectively, increase personal resilience, and achieve goals.


EICoachification means 4 things in particular: more knowledge, more skills, more income, and more influence. This could be the most important message you read all year. My brand new book will show you exactly how to do this (and so much more) – the FAST and EASY way.

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